30 Hilarious Before And After “First Day Of School” Pictures

25) Nothing Can Bring Me Dow- *zzzzz*

First day of kindergarten never looked so good. That is, until you skip naptime and sorely regret it. But then again, those exhaustion naps are the best. Wake up for dinner and you’re feeling oh so good.

26) Dad, Put the Camera Away

This gal was so proud of her before-school picture. But afterwards? Her dad just wouldn’t give it a rest. Always taking pictures when all she wanted was a nap. Wait, is she taking one right now?

27) I Already Did That

One Redditor says it best, “When I started school I apparently liked the first day. The next day, when my mom came to get me up and ready for school I supposedly said ‘No, I already did that.’ I imagine i looked similar to that kid.”

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