50 Times Dads Danced And Won The Internet

We love our dads, but we’re also so close to them that we know what they’re good at and what they’re not so good at. They’re great at telling corny jokes, making puns, playing games, and goofing off — and of course, teaching us some important life lessons along the way.

But they’re not always good at other things. For example, dads are notoriously bad at dancing. Or at least, even if they’re good at it, they enjoy being as goofy as possible. It’s all with one simple goal in mind: embarrass their kids.

To be fair, it’s all too easy to embarrass kids during their preteen and teen years. At those times, everything’s embarrassing. All they want is to not be noticed. So, every dad takes it upon himself to make become as noticeable as possible — through dance.

But not all dads are bad dancers, and the internet is here to prove it. Some of them are surprisingly graceful, others can do some impressive gymnastics, and others do their very best to keep up with all the latest trends in dance crazes. And they think they look absolutely amazing. If they don’t, they at least think they look embarrassing.

1. Dancing with myself

2. Get off the dancefloor

Have you ever been to a wedding where your dad just wouldn’t get off the dance floor, becoming more and more exuberant as the night wore on? We’re going to blame the open bar.

3. There’s nothing like a living room dance with dad

This dad actually has some moves! Of course, the best part is he’s breaking it down in a choreographed dance routine with his kiddo.

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