50 First Message Fails For Online Dating

Ever since humans started forming relationships, dating has been an awkward, awkward, awkward experience. But since the rise of online dating, things have really gone crazy.
Now, thanks to the fact that your first encounter with a potential match is through the barrier of technology, people are saying more embarrassing things, more creepy things and more downright bizarre things than ever before.

Anyone who has tried online dating has recieved weird messages from complete strangers. This slideshow contains 50 of the cringiest, strangest and desperatest opening attempts at courtship ever seen via the medium of online dating messages.

Is it David Brent?
That’s an introduction worthy of Ricky Gervais’s incredibly awkward character from the British version of The Office. Brent sure is lucky to share a name with the character!

Just remember, this is an opening message
This was sent at 4:47pm on a Friday, because this is what all women want to hear at the start of their weekend.

Go grammar!
He also forgot an apostrophe, but apart from that, what could be weird about opening with this message?

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