50 Ways To Make Your Room Look Bigger

From dorm rooms to studio apartments, millions of rooms suffer from being too small for comfort. Thankfully, there are dozens of ways to open up the space without much work at all. These expert tips will help you take your small room to the next level.

1) White Walls

One of the first rules in making your space look bigger than it is will be painting your walls white. This opens up the space and makes the room automaticlly feel less stuffy.

2) Sheer Drapes

Hanging sheer drapes or curtains will give you better lighting and open up your space. Having thick curtains will only take away from this as they weigh your walls and windows down.

3) Raised Furniture

Having low to the ground furniture without any space underneath them can really close in a room. Exposing the legs of your couch, bed, ottomans, and more will make your floor space look much bigger.

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