55 Hilarious Bad Day Fails

We can’t have good days all the time. At some point, we all experience bad days and find it hard to see the silver lining. But, let’s admit it, we instantly feel better when we see someone is having a worse day than us, right?

The following 55 posts definitely show that some folks really get the worst end of the stick and seeing them fail so hard will make you feel less bad about how your day is going so far. So, cheer up and read on!

1. Dinner disaster

Just when you think that your day is about to end nicely, this disaster happens while preparing dinner for the family. The woman was totally defeated but her cat seems to be enjoying the food spill!

2. Stuck with nothing

The person who posted this just wanted to grab something to eat and get back quickly to whatever they were doing. However, fate just didn’t let them get what they want. The poor person just wanted a sandwich!

3. Megan looks good in yellow, though.

Working at a hardware stores can have hazards. Apparently, one of them is the possibility of a paint shower. At least, we all know now that Megan looks great in yellow.

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