Here Are 30 Things The Internet Couldn’t Figure Out

If you look around long enough, you’re liable to find some pretty bizarre things on the internet. For every platform or website offering a place to discuss something near and dear to your heart, you’re liable to find just as many places where people are discussing the strangest, sometimes most disturbing things you’ve ever heard of. Without getting too dark, though, part of the thrill of the web is the promise of reading about or seeing things that you’ve never seen before, a promise that keeps us coming online again and again. With that said, here are 30 of the strangest and most confusing sights the internet has had to offer.

1. Somebody found this thing lying on the floor of a server room.

Though we don’t want to tell anybody what to do, when something looks like it might be a bomb, we’d advise you to stay as far away from it as humanly possible. After some internet sleuthing, some helpful online commenters suggested that it might actually be an anti-tank missile—and it was promptly confiscated and investigated by the police shortly thereafter!

2. Now this one just seems a little bit silly.

We’ve all seen silly bands in the shape of dogs or Christmas trees or pumpkins before, but we’ve never seen one that looked quite like this. Is there even a shape to it? Is it just a prank on whoever buys it? As it turns out, it’s supposed to be a “dragon-monkey hybrid.” Go figure.

3. These little things were actually pretty useful, back in the day.

Somebody was digging around in their yard when they found a bunch of these thin, narrow little glass bottles. As it turns out, these are actually battery oil bottles from back in the days on railroad track signals.

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