5 Reasons Physically Punishing Kids Is Ineffective And Damaging Plus 5 Loving Alternatives

Positive Reinforcement

A lot of people don’t recommend always praising and rewarding children for their good behavior. That’s understandable if all praises are given but unwanted behavior is ignored. On the other hand, if only the unwanted behavior is recognized, that leads to an imbalance. Always praise and reward a child for their good behavior.

Rewards and praises help children to focus on what they need to do to earn privileges.

Set A Good Example

Set a good example for your children. It’s true that children imitates what they see adults doing. So if the parent performs that unwanted behavior, the child will believe it’s okay to do it. The child wants to be like the parents so they will follow what you do. So always be mindful of the behavior you show in front of them.

Teach Them New Skills

One of the best ways to really help children to learn good behavior is to continuously teach them new skills.

Studies also show that “higher parental warmth was shown to reduce the risk of conduct problems, peer problems and low prosocial behaviour in children.”

So, spend quality time with your children. Learn new skills together or do activities together that will teach them problem management, how to manage their emotions, and learn to compromise.

Do you agree with using physical force or corporal punishment on children?

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