5 Reasons Physically Punishing Kids Is Ineffective And Damaging Plus 5 Loving Alternatives

Physical force, or sometimes referred to as corporal punishment, is a form of discipline that some parents use on their children.

It aims to stop the child from performing bad and unwanted behavior through any means necessary. Corporal punishment includes spanking, kicking, shaking, biting and forcing a child to stay in uncomfortable positions.

But is it really the best way to discipline your child?

In this article, we’ll show you five ways physical force hurt more than the violent act.

And we’ll also cite five alternatives and possibly more effective ways to discipline your child.

Makes The “Bad” Behavior Worse

A research study, conducted by Elizabeth Gershoff, states that “physical punishment leads to various negative outcomes for children including child aggression, lower levels of moral internalization and poorer mental health.” The child may stop the unwanted behavior at that moment but physical force worsens problematic behavior over time.

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