30 Unwritten Courtesies That Should Actually Be Laws

When you think about it, it’s actually the unwritten laws of society that keeps us from fully falling into chaos. Seriously, there are no laws that require people to fall in line in stores or to wait for their turn to use ATMs. Nonetheless, we all still follow them.

But there are some important unwritten rules that aren’t as popular or as widely-followed. So, the people of Reddit took it upon themselves to enumerate these unwritten rules which they also think should be passed into law.

#1 Knowing Door Etiquette Goes A Long Way

Holding the door open (even for only a while) for the next person is not only polite, it’s also basic decency. Trust us; you’11 wish this rule was law when you experience having a door accidentally shut in your face.

#2 Something Every Commuter Should Follow

Frequent commuters know how frustrating it is seeing rude fellow commuters forcing their way into a packed train while the people inside are still trying to get off. Same goes for elevators.

#3 This Is Student Camaraderie

You know there’s always that one teacher’s pet who will go out of their way to remind your teacher about that assignment or deadline. And they should be rightfully punished.

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