50 Hilarious Catholic Memes

Religion is something that gives us hope. It helps to fulfill our souls and give us meaning in life. It gives us a community we can be a part of.

It can also give us a lot to laugh about. And in the current age of the internet, that means a lot of memes. Lots of hashtags have popped up, like #GrowingUpCatholic, that are just super hysterical. And if you’re Catholic you can super relate.
These memes are sidesplitting. If you’re Catholic you can probably come up with some good ones on your own. In the meantime, check out some of these.

Here Are 50 Hilarious Catholic Memes That Will Have You Saying ‘OMG YES!’:

1) Peace Be With You

For some, the “peace be with you” portion of mass can be a little awkward. This requires you to shake hands and bless everyone sitting around you. This is what your face ends up looking like.

2) Ash Wednesday

Catholics will head to church on Ash Wednesday to have ashes places upon their head. There supposed to be placed on your head in the form of a cross. That doesn’t always happen though.

3) Post Mass Chat

Sometimes mass can be long. And let’s face it, it’s not the most exciting thing to sit through. So when it’s over you’re ready to leave. But your parents but not be in as big of a rush as you are.

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