40 Things That All Left-Handed People Struggle With

Do you know what the funniest thing in the world is for a left-handed person? When a right-handed person breaks their right arm. Then there are six-plus weeks of the righty going “I can’t do anything right anymore!” Well, welcome to our world, right-handers.

We left-handers have to live in a right-handed world throughout our entire lives. From opening tins to simply writing, everything is harder for a left-hander.

In Latin, the word for left is sinister. And that’s for a good reason. Many, many things are sinister for lefties. While many right-handers will never experience life as a left-hander, this slideshow hopes to illustrate some of the problems that we encounter on a regular basis.

The Ink Smudge On The Bottom Of Your Left Hand

In school especially, this is incredibly annoying. Every day, you have to write out into notepads. When you’re a lefty, this means dragging your hand over paper that has fresh ink on it. The result is smudged writing and inky hands.

Upside Down Tape Measuremeants

Sadly, they don’t make left-handed tape measures like how they make left-handed scissors. We just have to learn numbers upside down for all of our DIY projects.

Turns Out You Can Hold Mugs The Wrong Way Around

Left-handed people read much more upside down writing than right-handers, specifically because it’s printed on things meant to be held the other way!

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