50+ Hilarious Tombstones

Just because people pass away and they are no longer with us, it doesn’t mean that their sense of humor can’t live on forever. Our loved ones can leave us with wonderful memories and times of laughter. They can also leave us with hilarious tombstones.

These hilarious epitaphs on tombstones and headstones show that silliness and humor can live forever.

Throw any political correctness out the window when reading these!

1) Oops! Sorry, Janet!

Although Janet M. has left the planet – her sense of humor is still alive and kicking. Just be careful when you go to visit her and pay your respects – you’ll want to watch where you’re standing or you could be causing her a bit of discomfort.

2) That’s a deep love right there.

If you’ve ever lived in a household with multiple siblings (sisters, at that!), then you know that bathroom vacancy (or the lack thereof) can cause serious drama. We applaud this parent for having the patience and sanity to deal with that. Plus, we commend them for letting the world know about the hardships they’ve endured.

3) No one wanted to listen and then look what happened.

This anonymous person is playing a bit of a passive-aggressive role once they crossed to the other side. We might not know who this person was but we’re fairly certain it was someone who liked to say “I told you so” quite often. Regardless, we appreciate the humor.

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