35+ ‘Entitled’ Beggars Who Hilariously Sum Up Why ‘Beggars Can’t Be Choosers’

#16 Earn Your Grade

Sometimes people really hate working in a group for projects and for good reason. One person usually winds up doing all of the work while the other gets the grade and do nothing. Here we have a classic case of just this. This guy’s pretty salty because he didn’t get the grade for doing nothing. It’s just not fair. He only wanted to see which group got him a higher grade for doing nothing.

#17 You Have to Pay People Back?

You mean when you borrow some money from a friend, you have to pay them back? That’s crazy! This friend hasn’t talked to his mate in ever and decided he wants to borrow some money. When asked to pay it back, he decides they weren’t friends anyhow. Well, way to make it clear that you’re a user.

#18 You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Some choosy beggars have the nerve to judge others without realizing just how crazy they actually sound. This man wanted to buy a drone for only $100 for his child. When he realized his low-ball offer wasn’t going to be accepted, the tables turned, and the seller became a grinch. At least he handled it well.

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