35+ ‘Entitled’ Beggars Who Hilariously Sum Up Why ‘Beggars Can’t Be Choosers’

#34 Make it Yourself

Sometimes people fail to remember that artists need to be paid too. There is a lot of time that goes into creating a painting or work of art, and no one should have to give their work away for free. This choosy beggar got mad when they weren’t able to receive a painting for free, so they decided to say it was easy to recreate. Well, we welcome you to recreate it yourself, then!

#35 Music Can Cure Deafness?

Concerts are great fun, but tickets aren’t always that expensive that you need to make some elaborate story to get them for free. This person tried to say her friend was deaf, but that hearing Post Malone would change it. It could be worth a shot, but it still seems like a stretch to us…

#36 Write An Article For Free

Huffington Post contacted an author and asked him to write a post for them… for free. Yet, they are a multi-billion dollar company with tons of money. Surely, an article can’t cost THAT much, right?

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