35+ ‘Entitled’ Beggars Who Hilariously Sum Up Why ‘Beggars Can’t Be Choosers’

#28 Baby’s Gotta Eat

Asking someone to lower the price on an item they are selling is fair game. When they do, you should take the deal, not make up some story as to why you have to ask them to lower it again. A baby’s gotta eat, however, and you shouldn’t try to guilt trip someone because you bought baby food. Next!

#29 You Wanted to Go, Don’t Lie

Here we have a parent who is very salty because they, very clearly, wanted to go see Marilyn Manson. Using your two-year-old as an excuse to beg money for the tickets is seriously pretty pathetic. What two-year-old would want to go to that concert? You take her without anyone’s help, honey. We all know the tickets are for you, anyhow.

#30 Twenties Only Please

If you’re homeless or in a bad way, you should appreciate any help people are willing to give you. This guy can’t seem to be happy with anything less than a $20 bill. Then he says people are wasting his time. What a joke! He’s probably not even homeless.

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