35+ ‘Entitled’ Beggars Who Hilariously Sum Up Why ‘Beggars Can’t Be Choosers’

If you have ever heard the phrase ‘beggars can’t be choosers,’ that phrase is a lie. Some beggars, are in fact, quite choosy!
These people, instead of being thankful for the generosity of others, decide to push and ask for more and more, making our blood boil.

Here are 39 of the worst choosing beggars in existence that will make you question your faith in humanity.

Don’t click if you already have high blood pressure.

#1 The Christmas Wrecker

There is always going to be someone who low-balls you when you’re selling something. It can be quite insulting, but this lady took things to a new extreme, telling the seller he ruined her kids’ Christmas by not agreeing to accept $800 and some homemade jewelry for a MacBook. How audacious!

#2 Tattoo Low-Baller

When you get a tattoo, anyone knows that you get what you pay for. This choosy beggar decided they wanted a tattoo but didn’t want to pay the price the artist quoted, so they went to another artist for another quote. Then, they decided to go back to the first artist and demand that he lower his price to what they wanted to pay. This isn’t a Wal-Mart price match, buddy.

#3 Golden Mower

When people want something, they try to make some ridiculous deals to make it happen. This guy wants to trade a lawn mower for a car that is nearly $20,000! Not only is the entire trade absolutely insane, but he wants the car seller to come to pick up the lawn mower as well. You’d think for that kind of deal, he’d at least deliver the mower.

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