30 Men Who Took Posing Like Women To Another Level

On Instagram, they are everywhere. It’s very rare to scroll through and not see one. A girl who is perfectly posed, dressed and made up in the most basic way.

Listen, I’m not here to judge. We’ve all probably posted at least one similar photo. But for those of us who find basic girl Instagram photos to be a bit much, have we got something for you.
Meet Bros Being Basic. It’s a hilariously glorious Instagram account that features men recreating the most basic of Instagram girl photos. And it is just too damn funny… enjoy!

Here are 30 men acting like girls on Instagram and the photos are all too accurate:

1) This Weekend

Best friends don’t always need to go hit the town. The best times between best friends often involve just lying around the house. Of course, this also involves cocktails and pizza.

2) Self Care Sunday

I’ve never heard of Self Care Sunday but I love this idea. Definitely going to make Sundays about self care from now on. Not sure I have to let others know about this by sharing a topless photo of myself in my underwear with strangers on the internet.

3) The Gang

You know you’ve seen this pic before. A giant girl gang posing on the beach shore. All basically looking exactly the same. Except for the guy at the end blowing a kiss.

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