40 Of The Creepiest Santa’s We’ve Ever Laid Eyes On

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and Santas have started popping up in malls, inviting young children to go and take a picture with them. And, honestly, some of them are really sweet, so much so that one would like to believe they’re the real deal.
Sometimes, however, Santas can be creepy as hell. We’ve collected the creepiest ones for your eyes only.

1. Alien Santa

Don’t get us wrong, it’s okay to be different- even extraterrestrially different- but this one looks a bit off!

2. Cheers, Mate!

This Santa here looks like he had a little too much eggnog the night before, right?

3. Weird

This one just looks weird- it’s the look on his face combined with the fake hair that look too fake. No wonder the little kid’s crying!

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