60 Kids Who Won Halloween

Halloween! It’s one of the most fun holidays of the year – and for kids? It’s a day where they can dress up in adorable costumes and go trick-or-treating until they have all the candy they can imagine! What’s really great is when the parents put some thought and creativity into it to make the coolest costumes ever.
Here are 60 kids who had the best costumes of the year.
Perhaps this can be some inspiration for next year if you have a little one in your life

1) Baby grandma

This little girl is dressed up like a little old lady and it’s beyond adorable. Look at her cotton ball hair!

2) Genius Superman wheelchair costume

This young boy got to be a superhero for a day when his parents created this awesome Superman costume to fit over his wheelchair. So precious.

3) When you just can’t choose

She couldn’t decide between The Hulk and a fairy – so, she went with both! And we applaud her for her decision.

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