50 People Found Old Photos Of Grandparents & Realized They’re Cooler Than Them

We often think of our grandparents and other seniors as conservative old-fashioned folks. But, they’re actually more bold, brave, and rambunctiously wild than you think!

From chilling with bears next to their motorbikes, swan diving off of rooftops, to going for a ride on the wing of a crop duster airplane, these grandparents were the wild child’s of their day.

These 50 grandparents from a bygone era prove that “oldschool cool” can’t be bought – it’s something you rightfully earn.

1) “My Grandmother, 1940s”

Wow, grandma looks like a movie star! They just don’t make old school glamour like they used to.

“I knew from the moment the dame walked through the door she was trouble– trouble with a capital T. She was what I call a “coffee pot client.” Too hot to handle but boy, does she perk you up.”

2) “Last year I posted a pic of my Granny on the wing of my Dad’s cropduster plane ‘seconds’ before takeoff and people didn’t believe it…”

You go, daredevil granny! This looks totally fun and cool, but it’s a still a big NOPE for those of us who always picked “truth” over “dare.”

3) “My grandfather the day before he shipped out with the Marines, 1941.”

Yowzers! He won’t let me stop looking at those smoldering eyes. Was everyone a massive heartthrob back in the day?
“Lots of girls would like to get a time machine, go back in time, and become your grandma.”

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