75 Of The Funniest Overheard Conversations People Had To Share

Most people don’t go around listening to other people’s conversations. Unless you’re nosy. But sometimes we can’t help but overhear conversations.

What you hear can be horrifying. It can also be embarrassing or just downright hilarious. Either way, it makes you want to eavesdrop a little bit more.

Thanks to the hashtag #overheard or #ioverheard, you don’t have to. You can just survey conversations that other people have heard online. And the results are pretty damn funny.

Here are 75 of the funniest overheard conversations people had to share:

1) Phone Incompatible

This person overheard someone say they can’t date someone who doesn’t have the same phone as them. No wonder they’re single. How about bring your own charger?

2) Are You My Phone Charger?

A lot of people seem to really be obsessed with their phones. It’s something this 15-year-old can’t live without. I can’t lie, I definitely need my phone charger.

3) It’s Better to Be Lucky

Is it better to be lucky or good? Most people would say good. But if you really had the choice, would you pick that?

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