35 People Who Thought They Got Useless Advice Until They Tried It

In life, people around you would usually give some advice. Some, you ask for, while some, you don’t. And there can be times when the tips and advice people give you seem too simple or ridiculous that you won’t even believe what they are talking about until you reach a point in your life that you get to actually use the tip.

And it turns out, the “useless” advice you once received is in fact all the tip you need.

1. In a second

“Its better to lose a second of your life than to lose your life in a second.

People on the road need to just slow down a little. It’ll save your life”

Source: alphalegend91

Don’t drink and drive. In a split second, it can ruin you or even someone else’s life.

2. Don’t drink today

“Just don’t drink today. Surely you can do that. Then just repeat.

It’s been 19+ years.”

Source: opie2

Do it one day at a time. You will be surprised at how long you’ve been going without alcohol if you do it this way.

3. Asking questions

“My dad always told me ‘Ask anyway, the worst they can say is no’ when buying something or when I needed something from another person. Seemed stupid to ask if I was sure they would say no but I was also a socially anxious kid. Turns out that advice has helped me with school, with raises, with people in general, with plans with new friends…”

Source: astrocanyounaut

What is the worst thing that could happen? Okay, they may say no. But at least you tried. Who knows? They might just say yes, right?

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